Adipurush (2023)

Thousands of years ago, the demon king Lankesh gets a boon from the god of creation Brahma that he could not be slain by Devas nor demons, thus making him invincible. Elsewhere, King Dashratha of Kosala exiles his son Raghava for 14 years to fulfill his promise to his wife Kaikeyi, Raghava’s stepmother, that her son would take the throne. Raghava accepts this and lives in the wilderness with his wife Janaki and his brother Shesh in the forests of Panchavati, near the river Godavari.

Lankesh’s sister, the demoness Shurpanakha, tries to seduce the brothers and attempts to take Janaki’s life, but after a failed attempt, the demoness ends up losing her ears and nose. Upon hearing of his sister’s humiliation, Lankesh abducts Janaki in revenge. Raghava and Shesh set out to free Janaki with the help of the Monkey King Sugriva, his aide, Bajarang, and their monkey army. With the help of the Sea God, they are able to create a bridge across the sea (Ram Setu). Raghava and his army successfully cross the ocean to reach the shores of Lanka. Meanwhile Lankesh’s brother Vibhishana is forced to leave Lanka because the later had opposed Lankesh’s decision of abducting Janaki. Vibhishana joins Raghava’s army. Lankesh is given a final ultimatum but rejects and starts a war.

Starring: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, Devdatta Nage,

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